Get Comfy.  Wear a pulse warmer.

You probably know you can run warm water over your wrists to warm up quickly, but I am7 absolutely addicted to our short fingerless gloves & legwarmers. I even wear the legwarmers with flip flops on cold mornings in spring and summer until the day heats up.  You’ll love how pulse warmers keep you comfortable in hyper-cooled environments like movie theatres and airplanes – even without an extra sweater handy. Forget about Frigophobia… Get comfy and warm!

The reason pulse warmers work so efficiently is because of the pulse points in your wrist, ankles, neck and temple. These are the areas where your blood vessels run close to your skin and you can warm up your blood and body temperature by the simple application of cozy alpaca or alpaca blend pulse warmers – fingerless gloves and/or legwarmers.  Scarves and hats enhance the effect.