Why Legwarmers Are Fashionable All Year Round

Jul 1, 2016

deluxe extra long leg warmers - navy green multi stripe

We love Legwarmers here at Twitten.

They’re warm, stylish, and easy to pair with your favorite boots, skirt, or other apparel. And, Legwarmers are great all year ’round!

Legwarmers go nicely with a pair of Boots, giving a stylish look that stands out from the everyday. These Aspen Deluxe Legwarmers are perfect for a day trip to the park:

deluxe extra long leg warmers - navy green multi stripe


They’re great for Dancers, Ballet Dancers, or for working out. These Camel legwarmers are great for just that:

camel leg warmers


Or, if you’re just looking to stay warm while in the office, or out for a night on the town, Legwarmers are the best way to stay warm and stylish at the same time! Our Toby leg warmers are stylish and easy to wear everyday:

Toby Leg Warmers


If you’re looking for some new legwarmers to add to your ensemble, you can find our entire line of legwarmers by clicking right here: http://thetwitten.com/product-category/legwarmers/

Twitten Legwarmers are handmade of Alpaca yarn, and are fair-trade. They are hand-knit by woman Artisans in the Andes, and made to be the most beautiful, easy-to-wear, warm and comfortable Legwarmers that you could ever buy! And, you get Free Shipping on any order $50 or more!

What do you love about Legwarmers? Do you like to wear them with your favorite skirt or dress, or pair them with boots? Are legwarmers your go-to for dancing, working out, or for staying warm in the office? Tell us why you love your legwarmers in the comments!